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Incumbent Sheriff Bill Brown leading in race for Santa Barbara County Sheriff

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Posted at 6:12 AM, Jun 08, 2022

Tuesday's election featured a head-to-head matchup between incumbent Sheriff Bill Brown, and his challenger, Lieutenant Juan Camarena.

On Tuesday evening, both candidates gathered with their campaign staff, supporters, and loved ones to be together as the election results came in.

"Tonight’s election night celebration is to get people together to say thank you for all of that great support." Current Sheriff Bill Brown told KSBY.

"I'm very appreciative of everybody's hard work, everybody that reached out and helped spread the word." Lt. Camarena added.

Both candidates also shed light on their various approaches throughout the long campaign process.

Camarena says he tailored his campaign around a "grassroots approach," which he admits showed him how trust could be rebuilt between the community and law enforcement in Santa Barbara County.

Sheriff Brown, in contrast, expressed that he took a different approach to his campaign, saying he focused more on the recent accomplishments of his previous term, rather than trying to tear down his opponent.

If confirmed for a fifth term, Sheriff Bill Brown says he would like to continue his efforts in finalizing progress on the Northern Branch Jail, as well as increasing resources for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues.

Meantime Camarena admitted that having the opportunity to campaign gave him a newfound perspective on his role in Santa Barbara County.

"Campaigning, not being a first responder but campaigning and talking to people, it gave me a different view on the different communities throughout the county," Camarena said.

And while Sheriff Brown has had his years of experience in previous campaign efforts, he discussed how resuming re-election, left an impact on him, as well.

"There’s a lot of highs and lows that come in a campaign but the great thing about campaigning is it reconnects you with your constituents in the county that put you into office the first time and hopefully the fifth time as well." Sheriff Brown added.

Updated election results will continue coming in throughout the rest of the week.