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Two candidates squaring off in Lompoc mayoral election

Posted at 5:16 PM, Oct 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-19 22:29:07-04

The current mayor of Lompoc is seeking re-election to a third term this November, while a former city councilmember is looking to take her seat.

Lompoc Mayor Jenelle Osborne has held the position since 2018. She says if re-elected, her new term would be focused on continuing improvements to public safety, addressing local infrastructure issues and listening to the needs of the community.

Her competitor, former city councilmember and local business owner Jim Mosby, tells KSBY he has taken notice of many prevalent issues around Lompoc and says his leadership would bring needed change to the city.

"There is a long list, but things just are not going right," Mosby said. "Safety of the public is a priority. We have over 35 murders, deaths, suicides and such last year. Between the fentanyl that is going on, the gang violence and such, it is just not acceptable in a town our size."

Osborne says her leadership this past term has already made progress in addressing these issues.

"Our police department in September, I believe, issued a public statement saying how crime has been able to reduce. They have been able to restore their Special Investigation Unit team. We have gotten a grant and added a second canine team," Osborne said.

If elected, Mosby says he will bring body cameras to the police department and increase staffing. He says his experience with city finances makes him the best-qualified candidate to tackle the city's needs.

"I did six years on the Lompoc City Council in understanding some very tough budgets and getting through the tough times when there wasn’t a surplus of money and having to sharpen the pencils to make the budgets work," Mosby recalled.

Osborne points to her recent accomplishments in facilitating utility improvements at Vandenberg Space Force Base, as well as expanding access across local parks.

"The past two years we have been able to get several grants through the Prop 68 process," Osborne said. "We have made improvements to Beattie Park, the county’s first all-inclusive playground, that not only allows those with mobility issues to utilize the playground but also has a full workout area as well as an area to have birthday parties or socialize."

With Election Day less than a month away, both candidates also weighed in on the support they have received throughout their respective campaigns.

"There isn’t a talk of hope anymore. I campaigned a lot of 'we have the hope, we have the potential' and now we are talking realization. We are seeing the results and the momentum we have picked up and it is something I want to continue, and I look forward to it," Osborne said.

"I do have a tremendous amount of support that is out there, at all levels. I spend a lot of time in the community working with the agencies to get a grasp on the issue known as homelessness that we have around here. We have solved a lot of problems; I have worked with a lot of the groups and agencies, and I have solutions for these," Mosby stated.

The Lompoc mayoral term runs for two years, and people living in the city can already start casting ballots for the upcoming election.

Election Day is November 8.