High-tech Halloween: Smartphone tricks for kids seeking treats

Posted at 7:30 AM, Oct 26, 2019

Halloween doesn't have to be scary for parents, thanks to smartphone tricks for kids seeking treats.

First, make sure your child's phone is 100 percent charged before they leave for the night. The smartphone's alarm can also come in handy as reminders to check in or a curfew to come home.

Plan the route ahead of time with the Nextdoor app's Treat Map. Neighbors can mark if they are passing out candy, have spooky decorations or are offering allergy-safe treats.

"Apps like Life 360 can tell you which routes you might be considering if they are in a high crime area," says Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious.

You can also keep tabs on their location with Apple's Find My iPhone and Family Sharing apps, or Family Link on Android devices.

"You can ping their phones and even if ringer is turned off, they'll be able to hear those notifications," said Kantra.

As always, make sure your kids are visible to drivers. A handheld, wearable or smartphone flashlight can keep them safe in the dark.

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