Horses recovering from crash on Highway 101 in Shell Beach

calli 2.jpeg
Posted at 8:30 PM, Oct 27, 2019

Two horses are now recovering after being involved in a car crash a week ago.

The horse trailer transporting Luna and Calliope, two eight-year old horses flipped over on Highway 101 in Shell Beach causing them both to suffer injuries.

Both horses were transported to The Equine Center where one horse, Luna, was later released.

Calliope, however, is still being treated for her multiple internal and external injuries. Her owner, Shannon Miller, says Calliope suffered severe head trauma and her left side is still paralyzed.

"The state she was in, it's honestly a miracle she's come this far," added Miller.

Miller has since started a go-fund me account in order to cover the veterinary bills for Calliope, but says she plans on donating the excess money from the fundraiser to the Horse Emergency Evacuation Team (HEET) who helped Calliope while on the scene of the crash.

"The love and support that we have received after this tragedy is so heartwarming. It's honestly what is keeping us strong" said Miller.

According to Miller, Calliope's recovering will take at least five months and will include alternative therapy methods such as acupuncture.

You can donate to help with Calliope's veterinary bills here.

You can also help Luna's veterinary bills here.