Ice cream shop offers sauerkraut ice cream to celebrate 2020

Posted at 6:03 PM, Dec 30, 2019

Many cultures around the world mark the start of the new year by eating specific foods to bring good luck.

For example, people from German ancestry usually eat sauerkraut, but one ice cream shop in Pennsylvania may have taken the tradition a little too far.

Harrisburg ice cream shop, Urban Churn, began serving sauerkraut ice cream to celebrate the new year in 2016.

Owner Adam Brackbill uses all-natural ingredients to create new flavors while using traditional methods, so this flavor seemed like a natural fit, fusing a holiday tradition with a favorite treat.

Brackbill says those who have tried the flavor have been pleasantly surprised.

"It’s surprising, people think sauerkraut, they think that's it, like that's the sour and the bitterness and all that stuff, but it actually turns the milk like a buttermilk flavor. It's like a very rich, tangy vanilla and then you just get little, bitty pieces of the tangy sauerkraut with it,” said Adam Brackbill, owner of urban churn.

If you're feeling brave, you can try the sauerkraut ice cream now through the second week of January.