Interstate 80 truckers stuck and frustrated

Snow over Creston California
Posted at 6:42 AM, Mar 02, 2023

Hundreds of semi-trucks continue to line eastbound and westbound lanes on I-80 from Auburn to Applegate.

This road normally takes them between Northern California and Nevada.

However, thanks to recent winter storms that brought 4 feet of new snow, towering snow drifts, fallen trees, and sub-zero temperatures adding a layer of ice to the roadway, they are not able to pass through.

Many of them have been stuck there for days.

They hoped yesterday's sunny weather would allow them to pass, but Caltrans says the roads were not and still are not ready.

Cars have been able to pass through though, which creates frustration amongst most truck drivers.

To that, Caltrans Spokesperson, Steve Nelson, responded saying they need to "get a little bit better traction in order to release the trucks because they have a tough time getting over Donner Summit."

One reason they are not moving at a faster rate is because they can't as they are operating with less equipment.

At the beginning of the season, they had 24 snow blowers, now they are down to nine.

"We're not operating with a full deck," said Nelson.

That doesn't help truckers feel any better though, and instead they have growing concerns that go further than remaining stagnant. They are now realizing they are losing money as well.

"They charge me [the company he works for]," said one driver, "they're not going to pay me, and people don't care."

Caltrans are working day in and day out to try and resolve the issues, but the interstate remains closed, with no time frame or estimate on when it will reopen.

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