Keeping kids safe during the holidays

Posted at 9:20 AM, Dec 22, 2019

If you're hosting kids for the holidays, whether it's for a few days or even a few hours, you should check your home for potential hazards.

Safe Kids Worldwide is helping hosts ensure the safety of little guests with a "Childproofing Checklist."

A 360 degree view of a typical home draws attention to possible dangers.

For example:

  • Are cleaning supplies locked up?
  • Laundry pods placed on a high shelf?
  • Medications secured?

"We really say go around at that child's level and remove any from locations they may be able to get at," says Safe Kids Worldwide's Morag Mackay.

As kids are tearing into presents, adults should also be checking the recommended ages on the box and storing toys for younger kids separately from toys and games for older children.