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10th annual Jewish Film Festival underway this weekend in Downtown SLO

Tickets for the festival are $15 each
Posted at 5:01 PM, Jan 04, 2020

The 10th annual Jewish Film Festival is underway this weekend to celebrate Jewish community life.

The festival is taking place at the Palm Theater at 816 Palm Street in Downtown San Luis Obispo.

Lauren Bandari, the festival's co-founder, said it helps serve as a place of unity for everyone during a wake of anti-Jewish attacks around the world.

“I can’t think of anything more powerful than for us to come together and be with each other whether you are Jewish, to be proud of your background and all the ways we are presenting or to be an alley to the Jewish community,” said Bandari.

According to Bandari, the films vary from short-films to documentaries and are not limited to Jewish-based movies.

“The movies that we show really are universal and people want to see them no matter their background,” added Bandari.

The festival takes place the first weekend of January and is expected to serve around 600 people. Proceeds from the tickets will go towards the Jewish Community Center.

Muara Johnston, the other Co-Founder for the festival, said film makers required to make time for a Q&A session.

“Makes it a really intimate event for people to not only watch the films but get close to the film makers themselves,” said Johnston.

To learn more about the festival, dates and screening times, click here.