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15th annual Ducky Derby returns and raises over $20K

Sigma Nu hosted the 14th Annual Ducky Derby, which raises funds for the local organization Jack's Helping Hand.
Posted at 4:29 PM, Feb 19, 2023

The 15th annual Ducky Derby philanthropy for Jack's Helping Hand returned today to downtown San Luis Obispo. The event raised almost $22,000.

Jack's Helping Hand is a local San Luis Obispo organization that helps children with special needs or cancer pay for their treatment.

The event had live music and a raffle for winners of the Derby Race.

The race consisted of hundreds of rubber ducks, purchased by members of the community, which were pushed down the SLO creek and then gathered at the end of the race by members of the Sigma Nu Fraternity.

With the purchase of a $5 duck or a $15 t-shirt, the community helped fund this amazing cause.

The duck that crossed the finish line first received a three-day stagecoach ticket, and second place won two free Shabang tickets.

"The benefit of doing this event is that I've never been a part of something on such a large scale. Like right now we're at $21,000 and counting," Gideon Telahun and Jared Hunter, Sigma Nu members, and Cal Poly students told KSBY. "That number can do so much for people and just being able to make that type of impact on these kids is really what I look for. And I'm so glad that we are able to do something.”

The Ducky Derby was held in the Mission Plaza Area on Chorro Street from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.