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18 parklets remain, five removed in Paso Robles, freeing up some parking spaces downtown

Posted at 5:06 PM, Nov 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 01:51:20-04

Monday was the deadline for the removal of some parklets in Downtown Paso Robles.

City officials say five out of 23 businesses and restaurants decided that they no longer needed to use their parklets.

The decision made by the city council a few months ago said parklets would need to be taken down by Nov. 1. A few weeks after that City Manager Ty Lewis allowed businesses to apply for a three-month extension.

Eighteen businesses/restaurants filed for the extension saying that they would still like to take advantage of their parklet set up.

Last week three businesses took down their parklets and two more will finish taking their parklets down this week. Three of those businesses/restaurants include Fish Gaucho, Pappy McGregor's, and Hoyt Family Vineyards.

The number is not exact, but the removal of these parklets freed up approximately five to ten parking spaces in the downtown area, according to city officials.

"I think the program has been really successful, we are really happy with how it addressed the downtown businesses, restaurants in particular, it was a good program to help them out during the pandemic," said David Athey, Paso Robles City Engineer.

The city continues to pay for the K-rails being used for the parklets. All parklets will come down on Feb. 1 unless Lewis decides to extend the temporary program once again.