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Local company brings wine to life with augmented reality

Posted at 7:12 AM, Sep 26, 2018

Rabble Wine Company in Paso Robles is using augmented reality to bring its wine labels to life.

The company is one of two in the world using the technology, which allows people to view an animated story in real-time right from their wine bottles. Rabble partnered with San-Francisco based company Tactic to create the software.

The first AR label is Rabble’s Red Blend, which animates a print of Florence during an apocalyptic event. The animation begins with a peaceful view of the city and turns dark as the comet falls on the city, darkening the skies and bringing loud explosions with it.

The company’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Rose will be the next labels to join the AR series.

“People are genuinely excited, they’re pretty blown away when you open up your phone and you download this app and you see these incredible scenes come to life through you’re phone, it’s pretty amazing technology, said Cain Thompson, Tooth & Nail president.

Thompson said Rabble was looking for new ways to connect with people and display Rabble Wine Company as an innovative, provocative company that does things differently.

The AR wine is currently for sale at Tooth & Nail winery and grocery stores. The app to bring the animations to life is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. It can be found by searching “Rabble Wine Company” in user’s device stores.