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Police: No threat against Morro Bay High School

Posted at 3:08 PM, Oct 12, 2018

The principal at Morro Bay High School says students and staff are safe after an investigation into a report of a rumored threat against the school.

Kyle Pruitt says word of the supposed threat came to light Thursday night but by Friday morning, it was determined that there was actually no threat.

He says the school was never locked down and classes continued as usual on Friday.

A voice message was sent to parents Friday morning alerting them of the situation.

Police confirmed to KSBY News that they looked into the matter. They say it all started after a student overheard another group of kids talking about an incident that occurred last year. That student told his parents that he thought he had heard something about a threat.

Police say all of the students were contacted and it was determined that no threat had been made. They say rumors of an arrest and a gun found at the school Friday morning are not true.

In an unrelated incident, the fire department was called to the high school Friday afternoon because of a small oven fire in a science classroom. Students were evacuated to the field. No injuries were reported.