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A new futuristic classroom complex soon to be completed at Ernest Righetti High School

Posted at 7:19 AM, Oct 15, 2018

Student leaders, the SMJUHSD Board of Education and a few staff will get a sneak peek on Monday of the new $22 million futuristic 38-room classroom complex at Ernest Righetti High School.

Construction on the project, which uses C-2004 Bond funds, is about 85 percent complete.

Once it is finished, teachers will start moving in late January.

The project is being done to increase permanent classroom capacity, eliminate portable classrooms and advance new technology. The design of the facility includes four classrooms that can create one
learning area.

SMJUHSD School Board Member Dominick Palera says, “As a result of community support for our school bonds, we are excited to bring permanent state-of-the-art classrooms to the Righetti campus.”

The facility will incorporate many learning tools from the district’s demo “Classroom of the Future”.

The demo was released at the school a few years ago featured moveable whiteboard walls, mounted big screen monitors with the capacity to display from the teacher’s tablet, desks, and chairs on wheels that separate easily into other learning aids.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Richardson says, “We must educate our students in a setting that will emulate the experiences they will have in life.”