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Hearst castle hosts a soiree to celebrate the complete renovation of the Neptune Pool

Posted at 11:23 PM, Oct 21, 2018

To celebrate the completion of the Neptune Pool renovation at Hearst Castle, the park had a lavish opening celebration that allowed event goers to take a dip inside the famous pool on Sunday, Oct. 21.

Courtesy: @friendsof hearstcastle
Courtesy: @friendsofhearstcastle

Taking the plunge inside the pool cost at least $1,300. The ticket included entrance to the event and the chance to swim inside the famous pool.

The “VIP Swim Experience” sold out fast. Tickets for the ceremony soiree for members cost $325, non-member tickets cost $375.

Ticket sales helped to continue vital preservation efforts, ensuring Hearst Castle remains a world-class monument and museum that inspires the next generation of architects, engineers, artists, and dreamers.

Those who attended the event saw a remastered version of the film “Building the Dream,” in Hearst Castle’s IMAX theater, enjoyed live music, food and wine.