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Orcutt neighbors step in to stop suspected drunk driver

Posted at 6:15 PM, Nov 05, 2018

An Orcutt woman says she and other neighbors took the law into their own hands over the weekend to apprehend a drunk driver.

The California Highway Patrol says Ciro Martinez Garcia, 22, has several misdemeanor charges pending, including driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher.

Orcutt resident Linda Lujan tells KSBY that on Saturday night, she saw Martinez drive away from Blast 825 bar, heading down Broadway toward Foxenwoods, hitting several cars along the way.

Lujan says she was on the phone with dispatch as she watched Martinez drive into someone’s lawn, almost hitting a child. She says other bystanders got involved and eventually dragged him out of the car and kept him there until deputies arrived.

Lujan says she was frightened at the moment but hopes this is an empowering moment for her daughters.

“You lead by example and so I want to be that example for my kids. I’ve got two little girls I’m raising and I don’t want them to look at the world and think that they’re going to be victims. I want them to realize they can do anything,” she said.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office says Martinez was cited and released and is no longer in custody.

One of the partners of Blast 825, the bar from which Lujan alleges Martinez left that night, tells KSBY, “The bartenders have L.E.A.D. certification training to learn the signs of someone that is intoxicated. The business will pay for Ubers or taxis if they are unable to find someone that the intoxicated person is with to make sure they don’t drive.”