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Union, SLO County agree ‘essential employees’ won’t go on strike

Posted at 2:47 PM, Nov 26, 2018

More than 150 San Luis Obispo County “essential employees” won’t be going on strike next month.

The County announced Monday that it had worked out an agreement with the San Luis Obispo County Employees’ Association (SLOCEA) to not have 160 employees participate in a possible strike next month in an effort to protect public health and safety.

The action comes after SLOCEA, which represents about 1,700 of SLO County’s approximately 2,800 employees, notified the county that its members had called for a strike as a result of failed contract negotiations.

County officials say the union has agreed to start the strike no sooner than Dec. 11. It would potentially end Dec. 14.

The two sides have reportedly been negotiating for months. McNamara says union members believe the county is treating them unfairly. They’re asking for an additional 2.5 percent wage increase for employees, restoration of minimum pay for on-call employees, and an increase in medical contributions for all employees.

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