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Arroyo Grande business decorating stockings for Camp Fire victims

Posted at 6:34 PM, Dec 09, 2018

The Chameleon Style store in Arroyo Grande is still doing all they can to bring a smile to the people affected by the Camp Fire by making stockings.

So far more than 50 people have helped out in the past week.

Each person that does a stocking can decorates it however they want and write a personalized note. The store owner says there is a reason she chose to make stockings.

“I chose a stocking because those people who lost their homes, they can hang this anywhere and if they’re living in a hotel room, if they have a chair, if they’re living in a tent and that’s really where I got the idea,” said owner Camay Arad.

Originally the goal was to make one-thousand stockings and they are hopeful they can make that many but the problem is they are running out of fabric.

Right now they have over 500. What they need now is generic gift cards ranching from $15 to $20 to stuff them.

It continues through Wednesday during regular business hours you can on the store’s website.