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Two friends battling cancer go watch their favorite NFL teams play in Santa Clara

Posted at 4:30 PM, Dec 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-16 17:07:46-05

Two friends battling cancer are going on a dream trip to watch their two teams battle it out at a football game.

Aaron Anderson and Ray Shoemaker have known each other since the 90’s, they met at their old job. Now, they are both battling cancer together and are getting treatment at Dignity Health.

Anderson is a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan, Shoemaker is a die-hard San Francisco 49er’s fan.

Their doctor, Tom Spillane, made a call to Dream Makers to see if the organization could possibly send them to watch the game in person.

“We’re sick and have been struggling for years and we needed a re-charge so we told them and they ran with it, we told them our dream and they made it happen, it’s amazing,” Anderson said.

The two friends went to Santa Clara in a style. They flew to Levi’s Stadium on a private jet. At the game, they’ll get VIP treatment and a chance to meet some of their favorite players.

Anderson and Shoemaker said cancer has taken a toll on their finances and how they feel, but they try to remain positive.

“Well you have no choice, you’re in misery all the time, so you’re just hoping for a point where you feel better and when that short window opens you need to go do something,” Anderson said.