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Los Osos woman celebrated on her 100th birthday

Posted at 6:07 PM, Dec 18, 2018

A celebration was held Tuesday in Los Osos for a milestone birthday.

Blanche Penzel turned 100-years-old on December 18, so her friends at Daisy Hill Mobile Home Estates threw her a big party.

Blanche Penzel at her 100th birthday party. (Photo courtesy Eileen Hagan)


Eileen Hagan, who edits the neighborhood magazine, sat down with Blanche for a one-on-one interview:

Eileen: “Blanche, what does it feel like to be 100?”
Blanche: “I don’t think I feel any different than I did 10 years ago.”

Eileen: “What is your favorite memory?”
Blanche: “There are so many wonderful memories, I couldn’t pick one.”

Eileen: “If there were one thing you wish you could do again, what would it be?”
Blanche: “When my children were teenagers, I wish I had stopped what I was doing and taken more time to listen to what they had to say.”

Eileen: “What was your favorite job?”
Blanche: “Well, I was a manager of an insurance company policy department, then became an insurance broker, but I think my favorite job was a school secretary. I loved working with the children.”

Blanche Penzel’s friends hosted a birthday party for her, complete with a cake and other treats. (Photo courtesy Eileen Hagan)