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What to keep in mind before giving a pet as a gift

Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 22, 2018

The holiday season is a time for giving gifts to loved ones.

Some people choose to give clothes, concert tickets or fine jewelry, others choose to give someone a pet for Christmas.

Executive Director of the Woods Humane Society Jill Tucker said the holidays are a great time to adopt a pet because most people have several days off work, so it’s a great time to bond with the animal.

When it comes to giving a pet as a gift, Tucker said having an animal is a major commitment.

People really need to be fully on board with that,” Tucker said. “It can affect your lifestyle, it’s often a 10 or more year commitment and that’s not something somebody should be surprised with for sure.”

She said it’s uncommon for people to give animals as a surprise during the holiday season.

Tucker said it’s more common for families to come together, pick a pet and give it to their kids as a Christmas gift.

She said an alternative to giving a pet as a surprise is to give the person a pet certificate for adoption. Tucker said this way the person can pick the pet that is right for them when they are ready to adopt.