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Roadways, airports stay busy for holiday travel

Posted at 8:29 PM, Dec 23, 2018

With Christmas two days away, people are still making their way to their loved ones, making for busy roadways and airports across the country.

Luke and Emily Danner traveled to San Luis Obispo from Medford, Oregon. Getting to California was interesting for them because they say their flight was overbooked.

“When we were in Medford, they actually overbooked our flight so they had to volunteer people and they bumped up some money for us, that we almost took but then we didn’t,” the couple said.

The airline was reportedly offering $1,400, but the Danners wanted to get to the Central Coast to see their newborn niece.

The couple wasn’t alone in experiencing a busy airport. One woman traveling from Arizona says she waited about an hour just to get her bags checked.

“We left early, but we were like oh my gosh, hopefully, we’re on time!” said Elizabeth Karanich, who is visiting from Arizona.

Not everyone had a hard time at the airport, one person dodged the travel chaos by coming to the Central Coast a week before Christmas.  “It was pretty quiet, flights weren’t delayed for any particular reason. We flew to Denver, but it wasn’t super crowded like I was expecting,” said Treytom Hooglanv, who is headed back home to Fargo, North Dakota.