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UPDATE: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office releases new details on triple homicide case

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jan 04, 2019

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office released new details about the triple homicide and fatal deputy-involved shooting that happened on Dec. 28, 2018 in Orcutt.

The Sheriff’s Office said Friday that four deputies fired a total of 23 rounds at David McNabb, who deputies say killed three people inside a home. The victims included his mother, Melanie McNabb, his sister, Nicole McNabb, and Carlos Echavarria.

The investigation revealed that deputies fired a total of six-less lethal munitions at David McNabb including baton rounds and four shotgun beanbag rounds.

The Sheriff’s Office said after deputies fired the less lethal munitions, McNabb moved a rifle he was holding and pointed it in the directions of the deputies, who felt their lives were threatened.

The investigation found that the firearm that McNabb was holding when he confronted deputies was a Browning .243 caliber lever-action rifle. The Sheriff’s Office said the gun was found to be unloaded and appeared to have belonged to McNabb’s father who died in 2018.

McNabb’s autopsy was finished Thursday.

The Sheriff’s Office said McNabb died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

According to the investigation, McNabb was hit at least twice by less-lethal rounds and he received a total of five gunshot wounds.

The Sheriff’s Office said it conducted one autopsy on one of the victims Friday and two others are scheduled for next week to determine the cause and way the three homicide victims died.

According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, preliminary indications show that the three victims did not die of gunshot wounds, but from being stabbed and or severely beaten.

The motive is still under investigation.