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Hundreds gather for Montecito mudslide remembrance ceremony

Posted at 12:06 AM, Jan 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-10 15:14:54-05

Wednesday marked one year since a deadly mudslide destroyed parts of Montecito taking more than 20 lives.

Hundreds gathered in the community for a candlelight procession on the anniversary.

Not much needed to be said during the vigil.

The songs, poems and lighting of the candles were a symbol of healing.

“The healing will continue beyond tonight. The trauma that impacted this community won’t be healed in one year but over a series of time we have learned over time that we are strong and that we are stronger when we come together,” said Reverend Aimee Eyer-Delevett from All Saints by The Sea Church.

The mudslide washed out dirt, boulders, homes and even people.

“My daughter Summer and I were miraculously found and rescued, we both sustained life- threatening injuries. Summer’s twin sister, Sawyer, age 12, and big sister, Morgan, age 25, died in this tragedy,” said survivor Carrie Baker.

The candlelight vigil and procession provided an evening of remembrance to honor the 21 people killed and the two still missing.

“My son is still missing, over a year. I think every morning ‘Where is he? How can we find him?'” said Kim Cantin, a survivor who lost her son and husband to the mudslide.

The Montecito community, as well as people from all over the country, walked together down San Ysidro Road.

The procession ended at the All Saints by The Sea Church where a bell was rung 23 times, one for each life lost.