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SLOMA is raising money for new building

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 14:30:28-05

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA) is raising money for a new building.

The museum has been located on Mission Plaza in downtown San Luis Obispo for about 60 years but SLOMA campaign manager Jeff Al-Mashat said the museum is now outgrowing the space.

The building has gotten several expansions throughout the years, but now the museum plans to give it a major upgrade. A $12 million upgrade.

Al-Mashat said the new building can expand the type of art that getting brought into San Luis Obispo, because as of now the museum is limited in what kind of outside art they can bring.

“Well we want to provide this to this community, we believe that there is a strong arts culture already here, but we think that a larger, more robust museum is something that the community wants, especially as we’re growing as a community,” Al-Mashat said.

The new building he said will have temperature control for the art, a loading dock and proper security.

SLOMA plans to build the new museum in the same place where the current building is. During construction, the museum will continue to operate, but Al-Mashat said they might have to temporarily relocate.

As of now, they have 25 percent of their goal raised.

The goal is to raise $15 million. $12 million of the money will go towards the new building, the other $3 million will go in a reserve as a base for financial support.

If you want to help the museum reach it’s the goal you can contact Al-Mashat at