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Tree-trimming services, emergency crews prepare for storm

Posted at 6:26 PM, Feb 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-01 21:40:22-05

Storm preparation was well underway Friday in San Luis Obispo County from the inland areas to the coast.

Hazardous trees were removed and local fire departments geared up with more hands on deck and extra equipment.

Storm after storm, we hear about trees toppling over, crashing onto homes or cars.

“I took out some Cypress trees right here,” said Kelly Koker, Job Foreman for Sam’s Tree Service. “(The homeowner) was worried. They were getting too close to the home.”

Koker, who worked at a home in rural Paso Robles on Friday, says there are a couple of signs you can look out for before disaster strikes.

“If you have trees that are really heavy and they’ve never been trimmed, it’s good to take some weight off. If you see the root system, the trees swaying, and you see something popping up on the ground like surface roots, that’s a good indicator that they’re getting ready to fall over,” Koker explained.

He says if your car or home are in close proximity, then you should have your trees looked at by a professional.

When it comes to dead trees, they’re more likely to fall, especially with high winds.

“Pretty much if it’s really brown and things are just breaking off really brittle. Another good sign is if you go to the ends, a lot of them when they’re dead, you can just snap them off,” Koker said.

The Cambria Fire Department is gearing up for the storm as well.

Extra chainsaws are packed up and ready to go.

“We have that for tree removal and hazard material as well,” said Captain Daniel McCrain.

McCrain explained that additional staffing was also lined up, plus a utility truck was stocked with sandbags, chainsaws, road closure signs, and cones if needed.