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Pacific Wildlife Care sees an uptick in birds with oil contamination cases

Posted at 8:53 PM, Feb 05, 2019

Pacific Wildlife Care has seen an increase of wildlife coming into the clinic with oil contamination cases ever since the recent storms along the Central Coast.

There have been a reported 160 cases brought into the clinic for treatment in Morro Bay as of February 3, according to Pacific Wildlife Care. 59 of the cases were pelagic, or ocean-living, grebes, in which 21 were contaminated with oil.

11 grebes were brought into the clinic on Saturday, February 2, alone.

Pacific Wildlife Care has been examining the birds to determine their health status before a wash team assembles to thoroughly clean the animals from any oil or other ailments affecting them. They are then put into drying pens before either going back into pools for further cleaning and drying or into net-bottom pens for safe keeping.

Once the animals are fully recovered, the clinic sends them back into the ocean.

Pacific Wildlife Care also wants to remind you to not handle any oiled wildlife, as it could harm the animal and you.

If you see any oiled wildlife in the area, you are asked to call the Pacific Wildlife Care hotline at (805) 543-WILD (9453).