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Flooding, car crashes keep emergency crews busy Thursday

Posted at 3:53 PM, Feb 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-14 22:53:55-05

From flooding to downed trees and car crashes, Thursday’s storm packed a punch.

Prell Road, not far from Betteravia Road in Santa Maria, looked like a lake.

The field next to the road was also underwater from the rainfall.

Trucks drove through the water, one after another.

The California Highway Patrol says driving in flood water can be dangerous.

“A, you don’t know how deep that water is and you definitely don’t want to take the chance and drive your vehicle through a large amount of standing water for the fear of possibly stalling your vehicle,” said Officer Mike Poelking, California Highway Patrol.

Also, if you drive through moving water, you could end up in a swift water rescue.

In Orcutt, crews cleaned up debris that covered the sidewalk and the street.

They worked on Harp Road and East Clark Avenue. It was reduced to one lane of traffic Thursday morning as crews cleaned the mess left behind from flooding.

Multiple crashes were reported up and down Highway 101 and on many other roads.

Hydroplaning was a big issue.

The CHP says it only takes 1/16th of an inch of water to hydroplane, so making sure your tires have tread and driving below 65 miles per hour, especially in a storm, are key to avoiding a possible accident.