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New rules for short-term rentals in Paso Robles could be gone by next week

Posted at 1:04 PM, Feb 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-14 22:56:19-05

New rules that place stricter guidelines on short-term rentals in Paso Robles could be repealed next week.

The new guidelines just went into effect on February 13 after the city council passed an urgency ordinance intended to address noise and parking complaints.

The ordinance requires hosts to get a permit and submit a guest accommodation plan that includes the number of beds, a floor plan, and plans for parking and trash.

Now, Council Member John Hamon believes he has a conflict of interest in a short-term rental that is owned by his parent’s trust. According to city officials, Hamon has no ownership interest in the property and doesn’t receive income from it. However, it’s been determined that because Hamon is a trustee of his parents’ trust, there may be a conflict of interest.

Hamon is now asking that the city council repeal the urgency ordinance and not bring back the regular ordinance on the issue for a second reading. Hamon says he will recuse himself from participating in the consideration of any short-term rental ordinance.

In a statement released Thursday, Hamon said, “I want to be sure that any ordinance regarding short-term rentals that is adopted by the City Council is properly adopted and without any possible conflict of interest. This is an important issue for the City, and the process should be completely above-board.”

The city council will consider Hamon’s request at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19.