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Sediment from debris basins to be taken to Goleta Beach

Posted at 1:11 PM, Feb 18, 2019

Santa Barbara County plans to utilize Goleta Beach County Park as a disposal site for sediment collected from the debris basins above Montecito and Carpinteria.

The debris basins were designed to prevent flooding downstream by catching rocks and other debris that can be swept away in a heavy storm.

County officials say recent rainstorms have caused “a significant amount of rocks and sediment” to flow into the basins and Flood Control District crews have been working to clear them.

All of that dirt and debris is being taken to disposal sites in Buellton, Santa Paula and other county properties, as well as Carpinteria Beach at Ash Ave. The county now needs more room and will begin utilizing Goleta Beach as a sediment disposal site starting on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

County officials say the sediment and the ocean water will be tested throughout the process to ensure public safety and the beach will remain open to the public.

They say it may also help rebuild the beach, which is completely covered in water during high tide.

Goleta Beach (Photo courtesy Santa Barbara County Public Works Department)