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Suspect attacks, tries to rob Lompoc physician outside hospital, officials say

Posted at 11:24 AM, Feb 26, 2019

A physician was assaulted outside Lompoc Valley Medical Center Tuesday morning and police are investigating the incident as a case of attempted murder.

The hospital says it happened at around 6:45 a.m. when the doctor was about to enter the back entrance near the emergency room.

The suspect reportedly assaulted and tried to rob the physician.

“He said a guy attacked him with a rope and wanted to get into the hospital,” said Dr. Lloyd Trujillo, who says he arrived just as the attacker was walking away.

Trujillo says he followed the attacker in his truck to the nearby Circle K, all while relaying his location to 911.

The Lompoc Police Department responded and took the suspect into custody.

“It was a completely unprovoked attack,” said Sgt. Agustin Arias, Lompoc Police Department. “The suspect was looking for a victim. (The) suspect came from behind the victim and attempted to strangulate him.”

Police say the attack was so severe, the victim went unconscious.

Hospital officials say the physician was evaluated and treated.

Police say the suspect’s motive was more than likely to steal a car because he was asking other Lompoc hospital staff for rides just before the attack.

Police say the suspect is a transient, originally from San Jose. They reportedly received a call about the same person causing a disturbance at a business in Lompoc on Monday.