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Future of makeshift Nipomo skate park unknown as fences go up, then disappear

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 01, 2019

Fencing mysteriously appeared around the makeshift Nipomo skate park Thursday, leaving some wondering if the property’s owner was trying to reclaim the vacant lot.

Just as quickly as that fencing went up, it was taken back down, creating even more of a headscratcher once KSBY found out that this property was part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing last year and is currently owned by a bank.

The makeshift skatepark is more than just a place to hang out for the skaters.

“This park means a lot for this whole community. We don’t really have much to skate around and if we try to do this anywhere in public we just get kicked out or the cops called on us,” said skateboarder Cisco Anguano.

Many of them worked together over the years to build the ramps and install pipes for stunts.

“This place has been built up and torn down 2-3 times already. It’s been fenced off before and the fence has been torn down. That just goes to show how bad we’re willing to work and be creative to have a place to go,” said skateboarder Connor Morrison.

On Thursday, the fear of losing their beloved park returned when fencing and no trespassing signs were left surrounding the lot.

“You can’t really take something like this away. It’s really like if you’re taking a home away cause a lot of people come here to feel welcomed,” said skateboarder Christian Navarro.

“We’re looking for the property owner to come to terms and form an agreement with being able to possibly keep this property at least until the other park is built or as a secondary park to be an option for the city-built park,” said skateboarder Adam Cannon.

Through court documents obtained by KSBY, we learned that the most recent owner of the property, Robert Marinai and his company 54 Nipomo Partners, quietly went through bankruptcy court late last year.

Marinai filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and gave the property back to the bank. Despite the for sale sign on the lot, the property is currently off the market.

KSBY News reached out to the former owner for comment but did not hear back. We also called the county and the community services district and it’s unknown at this time who put the fences up and why.

Nipomo skateboarders are still $800,000 away from getting a real skate park that has been promised to the community for several years. For anyone who is interested in donating, you can donate directly to the San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation Department.