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More potholes forming as a result of recent rainstorms

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-08 22:48:37-05

Some roads in San Luis Obispo County may offer a tire-jarring punch of a reminder that this winter’s rainfall has done more than fill our reservoirs.

It’s also produced potholes.

“There’s lots of ’em everywhere,” said Julie Peterson. “Some of them are rather large.”

Peterson lives off Buckley Road where several potholes have recently been reported, according to San Luis Obispo County Public Works.

Over the last week, Public Works has taken 65 storm-related calls. This includes flooding, downed trees, and pothole repairs.

“Those potholes start forming through the constant driving and rain finding it’s way into those imperfections and that’s really how they reveal themselves,” said Joshua Roberts, SLO County Transportation Division Manager.

They’re scattered throughout our region on both county and city roads.

Some range from cracks or holes the size of a fist to those as large as a person’s head.

“You try to be careful and avoid them but that can be dangerous as well,” Peterson said.

Drivers unfortunate enough to slam into deep potholes at high speeds often end up damaging the tires of their cars.

Public Works says crews try to repair potholes within 48 hours of them being reported.

The department is also doing what it can to mitigate future issues down the road.

“We’re currently up to repaving about 20 miles every year and surface treating, like slurry sealing or microsurfacing, another 60 miles and our hope through doing these processes is to eliminate those low spots and to avoid future potholes,” Roberts said.

Roberts adds that this fiscal year they’ve spent about $625,000 in patching or pothole repairs.

Click here to report potholes on San Luis Obispo County roads.