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Dog in quarantine at home after woman, dog bitten in SLO neighborhood

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 20, 2019

A San Luis Obispo woman says she and her four-month-old puppy were bitten by a neighbor’s dog this week and she’s concerned Animal Services isn’t doing enough about it.

The dog in question is currently under a 10-day quarantine. San Luis Obispo County Animal Services says this is standard protocol when a dog bites a person. What follows is a case-by-case basis depending on the history of the dog and what the investigation reveals.

Charlie was left with a wound on her face and a torn ear after her owner says she was bitten by another dog in a quiet Bishop Peak neighborhood.

“What was going through my mind during the attack was that the dog was going to kill my dog,” said Corrin LePell.

LePell says it happened at the corner of Pasatiempo and Mira Sol around 9:30 a.m. on Monday.

“As I made my way this way, got to this corner, the other dog spotted my dog and ran full speed and attacked my dog,” LePell explained.

She and Charlie were on their way home from dropping the kids off at school.

LePell says she saw the medium-sized, mixed breed dog playing on the sidewalk with its owner just moments before it crossed the street.

Neighbors then knew something was wrong.

“I heard some screaming and howling. There was a woman and a man’s voice,” said Polly Sackrider.

LePell tore four of her fingernails, scraped her ankle and her hand was bitten.

“Ultimately, it took the owner of the dog who was present to release my dog by squashing his dog with his full body weight,” LePell explained.

Animal Services says the man was bitten, too.

While the dog is quarantined for 10-days, LePell says that’s not enough.

“Is it going to take this dog ripping my child’s face off when she’s walking down the street or is it going to take another severe dog attack to another dog?” LePell questioned.

Animal Services says dog bite investigations are handled on a case-by-case basis and this one is still underway. There could be citations or confinement orders issued or the animal could be declared dangerous or vicious.

Residents say the same dog bit another dog in 2017 but Animal Services says it was not documented at the time.

“Our intent is to make sure that within our legal authority that we have to take action that we fairly and adequately address any public safety issues that are there,” said Eric Anderson, SLO County Animal Services Manager.

We reached out to the other dog owner who said they are sorry that it happened and they are following all protocols recommended by County Animal Services.

There were 432 dog bites reported in San Luis Obispo County in 2018, according to Animal Services.