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Rain impacting hillside above Cal Poly dorm once again

Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 25, 2019

Two years after a Cal Poly dorm was evacuated and closed due to the hillside behind it sliding into the building, the ground is showing movement once again.

Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier says all of the rain the Central Coast has received in recent months has led to surface cracking and slow movement of the soil.

The issue is said to be in the same general area as the original problem, which came about in February 2017.

“Campus Operations staff are continuously monitoring the current hillside movement, and remedial actions have been taken to minimize impacts to the building,” Lazier said. “The university is evaluating options for long-term repairs to the hillside.”

Fremont Hall remains closed to students and the area fenced off for safety purposes.

The hillside near Cal Poly's Fremont Dorm remains fenced off. (KSBY photo)
The hillside near Cal Poly’s Fremont Dorm remains fenced off. (KSBY photo)