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Lompoc Cares Week kicks off, promotes volunteerism

Posted at 2:00 PM, Apr 07, 2019

Lompoc Cares Week began on Sunday and kicks off a week all about making the community a better place.

The event is in conjunction with National Volunteer Week.

Leadership Lompoc Valley spearheads the project every year as a way to encourage people to volunteer in the community.

People have 10 ways the can get involved which include:

  1. Contacting a local organization or cause to become a volunteer
  2. Donating food to Lompoc Food Pantry at 325 North 2nd Street
  3. Brining Friskies canned cat food to VIA at 133 North D Street
  4. Donating dog food and supplies at Shadow’s Fund at Grocery Outlet
  5. Making a contribution ton Certain Sparks Foundation to help kids in needs get music lessons
  6. Organizing a group of friends to adopt a part of public space for a clean-up
  7. If you can’t physically volunteer, contact an organization to see how you can share your talents
  8. Create an organization to address a cause you care about
  9. Identify a cause you care about and help with it year-round
  10. Spread caring by sharing a picture or video of your volunteerism

“Every Leadership Lompoc Valley class has a different initiative and we really felt like we wanted to lift Lompoc up with a thousand small acts of love,” Leadership Lompoc Valley member Walker said.

The goal of the event is to get people to volunteer so they can continue to do so throughout the year.