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Grab the tissues: This week’s pollen count is high and so is the wind

Posted at 6:38 PM, Apr 09, 2019

Grab the tissues. Wind is hitting the Central Coast hard this week, and that’s bad news for those who suffer from allergies.

The pollen count for grass and trees is high for the Central Coast through the rest of the week.

“We see people who have hay fever, who are affected by weeds and weeds that flower. People are allergic to acacia trees and different types of blooms that are going on right now and also things that are in the dirt,” said Ann McDowell, San Luis Obispo County’s Epidemiologist.

Windy conditions stir up all the pollen, dirt, and dust, making those with allergies feel miserable.

Photo courtesy: Wesley Frame


“My eyes tear, my nose runs, I have to make sure I shower at night. Even then, I sneeze. I wake up with sneezing attacks, I sneeze throughout the day,” said Christine Fagundes, an Orcutt resident.

Besides taking regular allergy meds, there a few small steps you can take to prevent getting pummeled with pollen.

“A lot of the allergies get into your system through your eyes, so we recommend wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when you go outside to avoid getting some of these things into your eye,” McDowell said.

She also suggests showering and changing your clothes when you get home.

Spring cleaning and allergy relief go hand in hand. The Mayo Clinic suggests decluttering your living space to get rid of extra dust.

High wind also stirs up spores in the dust, which makes it easier to contract Valley Fever. Officials warn you to stay indoors as much as possible.