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Planet Lucha Wrestling dazzles fans in Santa Maria supershow

Posted at 11:43 PM, May 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 13:57:16-04

Wrestling fans got a chance to see some legendary wrestling stars at the Planet Lucha Supershow in Santa Maria on Sunday.

The Alpha Lucha Wrestling show was touted as perhaps the biggest wrestling event to hit the Central Coast in decades. Nearly 600 attended.

The show featured wrestling stars such as La Familia Tijuana, Katarina Leigh and Ultimo Dragon.

Planet Lucha founder Dominick Balsamo incorporates high production value with long-form character storylines at his wrestling events.

“It’s a big bad scary world with a lot of messed up stuff happening in it and sometimes it’s good to get back to basics,” El Rey Liotta said, the Italian Luchador and Planet Lucha Brand Ambassador. “Heroes and villains. Epic clashes. You know, this is drama. This is Greek Theatre. You can look down on professional wrestling but that’s just because you don’t understand it. People say, ‘Oh wrestling’s fake, wrestling’s fake’ but I bet you watch Game of Thrones and I guarantee you no one has had their head cut off on the set of Game of Thrones.”

Balsamo also says many of the pro wrestlers in the ring come from all over the world to practice their Lucha craft.

Mil Muetes claimed the championship belt on Sunday.