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Great Dane’s ‘bucket list’ includes Central Coast beach trips, lots of Puppuccinos

Posted at 8:18 PM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 23:18:34-04

A Great Dane is living out his final days on the Central Coast with lots of love and Puppuccinos.

Kronicles, aka Kron, has been going on a series of “bucket list” adventures and it’s all being chronicled on social media.

When Erika Calle rescued Kron, several veterinarians said there was nothing they could do for him.

Kron was suffering from two large masses, one of which had ruptured.

Kron was skinny and suffering from two large masses when Calle rescued him. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


Then Calle took Kron to the Cambria Animal Medical Center. There, she says Dr. Suzy Van Beurden spent nearly five hours with the dog in the operating room.

Both masses were removed and Calle says Kron recovered well, even gaining 77 pounds.

Kron and Dr. Suzy following surgery. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


That was in October.

About a month ago, Calle says she noticed Kron’s joints had become swollen and the veterinarian said it was likely related to his cancer.

A chest x-ray confirmed the worst.

Kron’s chest x-ray. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


While Calle says Kron didn’t seem as sick as he really was, his lungs were riddled with cancerous masses.

Calle and Dr. Van Beurden agreed that nothing could be done for Kron and the best course was to make him a hospice dog, placing him on pain medication and anti-inflammatories to make him comfortable.

Calle operates a Great Dane rescue out of Cambria called One Dane at a Time. Since she’d been sharing Kron’s progress on the rescue’s social media, Calle decided to reach out to his online followers for suggestions for a “bucket list.”

Calle says the response has been huge. They’ve received several Starbucks gift cards, so Kron has been loading up on Puppuccinos.

Kron enjoys a special treat at Starbucks. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


He’s also taken a lot of long car rides, enjoying sticking his head out the window…

Kron was fascinated by some wild turkey on this country road drive on Friday. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


He’s played at the beach…

Kron goes for a run at the beach. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


Taken a picture with firefighters…

Kron poses with some Morro Bay firefighters. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


Dipped his toes in Santa Rosa Creek…

Kron at Santa Rosa Creek. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


Enjoyed chicken nuggets at Montaña de Oro…

Kron visits Montana de Oro. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


And even enjoyed a dinner of hamburger and ice cream at the Inn at Morro Bay…

Kron enjoyed a fireside meal at the Inn at Morro Bay. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


Calle says she’s noticed signs that Kron’s health has been deteriorating over the past few days. This weekend, she says he’ll get a barbecued steak and hopes to take him on a trip up to Big Sur.

Calle started One Dane at a Time last September and says she’s already taken in 73 dogs.

Like Kron, many of the dogs have health issues. She places them with fosters and once the dogs are rehabilitated, they’re adopted out.

Erika Calle and some of her rescue dogs, including Kron on her lap. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)


While Kron’s time is limited, his memory will live on. He was featured in a Hallmark Channel commercial that pays homage to rescuers and was mentioned in “Great Dane Review” magazine. Some of his photos have even been featured on greeting cards.

Kron models for greeting cards. (Photos courtesy Erika Calle)


Calle is still taking bucket list suggestions for Kron and you can keep track of his adventures on the One Dane at a Time Facebook page.

Kron says “thank you” to Dr. Suzy and the team at Cambria Animal Medical Center. (Photo courtesy Erika Calle)