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SLO City Fire Dept. teaches city leaders fire drills

Posted at 5:04 PM, May 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-30 21:35:21-04

The City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department hosted its first Fire Ops 101 event Thursday, which is meant to educate community leaders about what firefighters do daily.

At the event, San Luis Obispo City leaders received hands-on training from the fire department.

San Luis Obispo City leaders conduct fire training drills.

“This is a good opportunity for us to educate some of our community members, and community leaders on the why of what we do here at the fire department,” said Armaneo Gutierrez, fire captain at City of San Luis Obispo.

Specifically, community leaders learned CPR, truck functions and auto extrication and search and rescue.

City leaders learned fire drills at the first Fire Ops 101 event.

At the end of the day everyone who participated also conducted a live-fire drill, in which crews had to properly identify stages of a fire while a fire burned through a building. This part of the training was set in real time, meaning they did everything at the same speed a firefighter would in a real situation.

City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department conducts training exercise.

“The main purpose of this event is for us to show our community leaders and administrators why we have the equipment to cut people out of cars, why we have the equipment to save lives when we go on a CPR, why we have the staffing levels to respond to a structure fire and pull people out of a building.”

Firefighters have these operations frequently to help crews refresh their skills about what to do when something like this happens.