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Beaches remain open during oil spill cleanup in Goleta

Posted at 2:43 PM, May 31, 2019

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says scientists so far have not seen any impacts to sensitive environmental sites from an oil spill at Haskell’s Beach in Goleta.

The spill reportedly happened Tuesday as crews were trying to plug an abandoned well at Pier 421.

An estimated 80 to 125 gallons of crude oil was reportedly spilled.

Officials say they have not detected any sheen on the water, but ground crews have discovered oil and oily debris along the shoreline near Pier 421 and points east.

A team of cleanup contractors is working at the scene.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network has also been activated and has so far collected ten oiled birds.

Anyone who sees a potentially-oiled bird is urged to stay away and call 1-877-823-6926 to report it.

Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say all beaches will remain open during the cleanup and that there are no impacts to public health, safety, or recreational fishing.

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