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Recently-discovered photos reveal snapshots of Santa Maria’s aviation history

Posted at 3:09 PM, May 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-31 22:17:23-04

A volunteer at the Santa Maria Museum of Flight recently discovered decades-old photos showing the history of the Hancock Airfield.

Jerry Simas found the package of photos in a cabinet in the museum.

The photos were taken sometime between the 1930s and 40s when the Hancock Airfield was located where Allan Hancock College is now.

The collection features a number of pictures showing pilots who flew to the airfield, the track at Santa Maria High School, and Allan Hancock’s prized possession, a Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar aircraft.

Simas hopes to display the photos.

“I would like to see, like we mentioned a few minutes ago, being framed and put out for public viewing,” he said. “Somewhere like the library would be a great place for it where people can see it and hopefully some people dig into the history and understand more about it.”

The Santa Maria Museum of Flight is located near the airport and has a number of vintage planes on display.