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Kids learn about violence prevention at sheriff’s summer camp

Posted at 10:53 PM, Jun 27, 2019

Local law enforcement officers are teaching young kids about violence prevention in their summer youth camps.

Gang Resistance Education and Training is a national gang and violence prevention program.

Local kids get a chance to participate in fun activities and games while also learning how to avoid taking part in bullying, violence and gangs.

The five-day camp has a different theme each day. On Monday kids learn gratitude, Tuesday they learn responsibility and Wednesday they focus on empathy. On Friday other public service agencies such as the fire department come out to show the kids their equipment and tools needed for the job.

“Its really a nice way to connect with the youth in our community,” says retired deputy sheriff Susy Corriea, “because here we are out playing with them and interacting with them and it gives them a sense of belonging to their community when the law enforcement comes together and puts on something like this and has fun with them.”

The camp is open to kids in 6th through 8th grade. The next camp takes place at Cayucos elementary school from July 8 – 12.