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Cal Poly’s College of Science and Mathematics hosts Climate Change Symposium

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 21:15:07-04

Cal Poly’s College of Science and Mathematics is hosting a two-day Climate Change Symposium for students conducting summer research projects.

Cal Poly faculty members will speak on several topics including scientific examination of how climate change is caused and how experts are planning ahead for its effects on the global environment.

The main focus of the Symposium is to get the word out that climate change damage is real. Professors and students encourage people to convert to using electric cars and utilizing renewable energy resources.

They say the biggest climate change is due to the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and its increasing levels. Cal Poly faculty say climate change can be slowed if people just work together toward one common goal.

“Power that’s shown by the solidarity of people working together in the past on similar scale problems have shown that we can definitely beat this. But it’s crucial and critical enough that we need to a do a lot now,” said Erin Pearse, Cal Poly professor of mathematics.

The summer projects are being funded in part by a $110 million gift from Cal Poly alumnus William Frost, and his wife, Linda. They believe students at Cal Poly will be able to effectively research real-world issues with the help of enhanced resources provided by the donation. Frost Research Fellows receive $3,500 each to conduct their research, while others are funded by outside grants.