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Veteran raises concern over state of graves at Los Osos cemetery

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-29 20:45:22-04

A veteran is calling out a Los Osos cemetery for what he calls a “disgusting” treatment of veterans’ graves.

The Los Osos Valley Memorial Park argues they’re working to fix their weed problems but some say they can do more.

Veteran Robert Brennan is unearthing what he calls an “unsettling” problem at the Los Osos Valley Memorial Park.

“When we arrived here, we went to the veterans section and I was just immediately just disgusted by the condition and neglect of the graves that are right in front of the office,” said veteran Robert Brennan.

Some veterans’ graves can be seen covered in dirt, hidden in grass and shrouded by weeds.

“Even on the website for this cemetery, it says graves are taken care of meticulously and it’s not. It’s almost like they don’t care about anyone visiting here. They only care about who’s moving in,” Brennan said.

It’s more than just veterans’ graves, other burial plots are vanishing into the grass, as well.

The Los Osos Valley Memorial Park says it is working on a weed abatement program and the eventual reseeding of the grass.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the park says, “We appreciate the concerns surrounding the cemetery conditions at Los Osos Valley and are diligently working to address the invasive weed problem. In an effort to effectively remedy the issue, maintenance has implemented a weed abatement program. Upon completion, the cemetery will begin reseeding to promote new grass growth. We are committed to keeping our properties beautiful and well maintained to ensure our client families have a peaceful environment to visit and remember loved ones. We value the relationships we have with our client families and encourage anyone with similar concerns to contact us directly.”