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20th Annual Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association Open House

Includes CCGGA nurseries across Nipomo and Arroyo Grande
Posted at 7:02 AM, Mar 09, 2023

Mark your calendars!

The Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association, CCGGA, is hosting its 20th Annual Open House event on April 1st.

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The following nurseries in the Arroyo Grande and Nipomo areas will be opening their doors to the public.

  1. Altman Plants
  2. Ball Tagawa Growers
  3. Cal Coast Orchids
  4. Eufloria Flowers
  5. Holland American Flowers
  6. Native Sons
  7. Ocean Breeze
  8. West Covina Nursery

These eight nurseries are working together to raise money for their CCGGA scholarship fund. They are also working in tandem with the Orchid Fest.

Rural Arroyo Grande field

Bas Van Eijk, the Co-founder and Head Grower for Cal Coast Orchids said they are participating because, "we'd like to show what we do to the public," and to "be involved in the donations to encourage more younger kids and younger people to jump into to this field of work."

Within the open houses at each location, the facilities will offer nursery tours so people can get a deeper look into what it takes to grow in a greenhouse.

They will also be offering highly anticipated local plant and flower sales at special prices.

So this is definitely an event for nature and plant lovers.

This also provides an opportunity for the public to learn firsthand how to care for plant and flower products that nurseries are selling nowadays.

"There's a lot of opportunity [in this field]," said Van Eijk, "You don't have to come from a nursery background at all these days....there's way more technology and innovations involved than people think."

For more information on this event or any of the nurseries involved, you can go to this website or call (800)-961-8901.