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350 Merino Sheep at Elings Park for fire prevention & weed removal

Elings Park Sheep 2023.jpg
Posted at 1:58 PM, May 01, 2023

For the third year in a row, Elings Park utilizes four-legged, eco-friendly grazers for weed removal – a flock of Merino sheep is now on view on the park’s scenic South Bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, according to a press release.

By devouring invasive non-native plants, the sheep also reduce the amount of wildfire fodder, serve as an alternative to pesticides, break up hard soil to allow native plants to spread, and provide “natural” fertilizer.

The public is welcome to hike onto the south bluffs of Elings Park to view the flock during daylight hours. The trailhead is off Jerry Harwin Parkway behind the Administration Building’s parking lot. The sheep corrals move every few days to target specific areas and access is via a short hike on foot.

The 350 Merino sheep and Great Pyrenees sheepdogs Yoreh and Sierra, are provided by Cayuma Lamb in Maricopa, California.

They will remain in the Elings Park area through June 1.