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All this rain may bring increase in wildlife births, experts say

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Posted at 6:25 PM, Apr 19, 2023

This year's rain has not only impacted the Superbloom, but it may also help the surge of baby animals on the Central Coast.

Because it has not rained this much in the area for a while, wildlife experts are not sure what to expect.

“I kind of think there’s going to be a lot because there’s gonna be a lot of grass which means there’s gonna be a lot of rodents which means there’s gonna be a lot of predators,” Shannon Riggs, director of Animal Care at Pacific Wildlife Care said.

Wildlife experts say that the record-breaking rain we saw this winter improved habitats and populations for many species and that because of the drought, the numbers of babies like hawks and owls were down.

With this increase in babies, it is important to know when an animal needs to be helped or left alone.

“People find baby birds on the ground and they think that this is something that needs to be helped and oftentimes they are just healthy fledgling birds that are still being cared for by the parents,” Masvidal said.

If you ever wonder if an animal needs help or care, it is best to call the Pacific Wildlife Care hot-line.