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American Legion Post 66 hosts Memorial Day ceremony in San Luis Obispo

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Posted at 12:44 PM, May 30, 2022

With upwards of 17,000 local veterans, Memorial Day remains an essential day of remembrance for the Central Coast to never forget those that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

For more than 100 years, American Legion Post 66 in San Luis Obispo has hosted a Memorial Day event honoring those fallen while defending our country. Teaming up with the Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum, the ceremony included a presentation of the colors and a flyover by the Estrella Warbirds.

“To us, to the many veterans working programs like this today, it is a very special day. It’s not honoring us as veterans, it’s honoring those that gave the final sacrifice," explained Bart Topham, Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum Director/President. "It’s really not a day intended so much for barbeques and the beach, even though that’s all well and good, but what could be more fitting than to spend a little time reminiscing a little bit about those that helped preserve our freedoms.”

Local veterans, including Morgan Boyd, a veteran of the Iraq War and War in Afghanistan, spoke at the ceremony. Along with other veteran speakers, the Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum put out displays for Memorial Day.