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An evacuation order issued for the Alisal burn scar area

Posted at 7:32 AM, Dec 14, 2021

An evacuation order has been issued for the Alisal burn scar area. Officials announced at around noon on Monday that residents should leave immediately. The order was prompted by a storm headed toward the area bringing heavy rain and the threat of mudslides, flash flooding and debris flow in the area affected by the Alisal Fire just weeks ago.

On Monday Santa Barbara County received much-needed rain.

A relief for many residents, but not all. Those living in the area near the Alisal Fire burn scar were ordered to evacuate at around noon on Monday due to the threat of mudslides, flash flooding and debris flow.

"We've set up the evacuation center in case anyone needs a safe place to stay," said Sibani Babu, American Red Cross Volunteer Public Information Officer.

Once the evacuation order went into effect the American red cross stepped in to help.

The rainstorm prompted an evacuation shelter to be set up at Santa Barbara Community college, fully equipped with beds, blankets, food and they say they'll stay open as long as they're needed.

"Right now we are expecting one family, but we will be open as long as the county wants us to be and for anyone who needs it," said Babu.

Babu says the location is part of the reason why some residents are choosing to stay.

"It's a rural area and people are generally staying in their homes, but in case they need us we're here," said Babu.

The shelter will be open as long as it’s needed.

"We have food, we have places for them to stay, we're equipped for if it's young children, if it's babies. We have the supplies that folks might need if they need a safe spot to land," said Babu.

The Red Cross evacuation center is located at 300 North Turnpike Road in Santa Barbara.

Information about the evacuation center is available by calling the Red Cross at 805-901-0845. Up-to-date emergency and evacuation information can be found at