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Arroyo Grande City Council votes in favor of developing ordinance to ban sales of tobacco products

The next city council meeting will take place on Nov. 12th
Posted at 8:14 PM, Oct 26, 2019

Arroyo Grande City Council voted in favor of developing an ordinance which would ban the selling of all vaping products and e-cigarettes online and in store.

The proposed ordinance would also make it illegal for residents under 21 to posses all tobacco products. The use of tobacco would be punishable by a $75 fine or 30 hours of community service.

Jimmy Paulding was the only city council member to oppose the ordinance and says he did so because he feels the ordinance should not take away personal choice.

"Keeping sales online allows adults to purchase those products at home, have them shipped to their house to use them. I think that's an aspect of personal choice that is important" added Paulding.

Paulding also believes that if those who are buying tobacco products online are aware of the risks that come with vaping or e-cigarettes then they should have the option of finding their products on the internet.

"That's a fair balance of implementing the public health and safety goal and also allowing the personal choice for adults" said Paulding.

More of the details on the draft for this ordinance will likely be available at the next city council meeting on November 12th.

To read Jimmy Paulding's full statement on the development of this ordinance click here.